Treating Migraine

It annoys me when I tell somebody that I’m having a migraine and they respond with something like,”Oh it’s just a headache.” To everyone that suffers from migraine attacks, you know what I’m talking about. Migraine sufferers understand how excruciating this “headache” can get. Often, we find ourselves having a hard time to describe the pain to someone who has never experienced it and probably thinks that we’re overreacting when we do get a migraine. Well, because it is so hard to describe the pain, I figured that I will just show a video by The Migraine Trust which perfectly illustrates what a person goes through when a migraine occurs: View video here

A migraine is typically a throbbing pain that only happens on one side of the head and neck. Migraines can also cause a person to have their vision blurred by an aura of white light. In some cases, vomiting may occur towards the end of the migraine. I have personally been a migraine sufferer and have tried just about every forms of remedy to treat or prevent them. It is safe to say that I have a whole arsenal of tips that might help explain migraine and overcome it. This post goes out to all fellow migraine sufferers and I hope that I am able to share some helpful content for you.


While it is still not known till today the exact cause of migraine, it is thought to be due to abnormal brain activity causing a temporary alteration in the nerve signals, chemicals and blood flow in the brain. I feel accurate about this claim. Over the times which I have gotten a series of migraine attacks, I conclude that I get a migraine when I accumulate lack of sleep over a long time and also when I get really stressful and have my thoughts all clouded up. Ever since I have adjusted to a better lifestyle by managing stress and always having plenty of rest, I have not gotten a single migraine attack. I do get a light headache on some days where I’m up late though. I am also aware that certain factors like bright lights, loud noises and skipping meals triggers migraine for some people.


I’d like to highlight prevention first simply because,”Prevention is better than cure.” It’s true. While I know some ways to manage my migraine when I do get them, I rather not get them at all. Migraines commonly strikes day after day. Thus, whenever I do get a migraine the first time, I would quickly make adjustments to prevent continuous attacks in the upcoming days. Below are some of the things that I typically do to prevent a migraine:

  • Get a Preventive Medication From Your Doctor – When you consult a doctor, they can prescribe you with 2 types of medication. One will help prevent migraines and another is to be taken when you do get a migraine. Normally, I will just ask for a preventive medication to take before bed once I start getting migraines after a few days. There are many types of preventive medication and your doctor should know which to prescribe you with. For my case, I’ve taken Amitriptyline and it really does prevent recurring migraines. The doctor will prescribe me about a weeks worth and they are only to be taken during my migraine season. Otherwise, I will always settle for natural remedies whenever I do not have to be at work.
  • Sleep Early and Sleep Enough – This is fundamental to avoid just about any types of health complications. It is as important to go to bed early simply because there is a certain time frame at night where our body and organs get to detox and rest while we’re asleep. People who are always up past midnight prevents their organs from getting this period to ease out and while I am guilty of it at times, this certainly puts a person at risk of just about any types of health complications in time to come. When I am not getting enough sleep, I will be bound for a day where my body just starts to crash and migraines just seeps in on me
  • Go for a Massage – Try going for a massage every now and then. Professional therapists would know how to work on certain acupressure points that can help you release potential tension that causes migraines or headaches. I am always looking for ways to release tension from my body as some days can get pretty stressful for me. Most of the people whom I know that also suffers from Migraine, do notice that they will often get attacks during periods where they are so stressful and have their minds all clouded up. It makes sense because all this tension in our brain actually triggers signal for our organs to react in a certain way. Stress and migraine often goes hand in hand. If you find yourself always so stressed up and having a lot of tension in you, I have written a post before on Overcoming Stress which you can check out here.


Listed below are some of the practical ways which you can treat a migraine when you do get one. When a person gets a migraine attack, his functionality is greatly reduced. Migraine sufferers can relate to the excruciating pain and understands that it is really hard to carry out physical movements. Hence, while there are tons of remedies to relief the pain, I will list 4 practical ways which anyone can carry out whether you’re at work or home:

  • Painkillers – The most standard thing to relief a migraine is to have a painkiller. Typically, I would only use painkillers whenever I have to be at work and still have tasks to do. Otherwise, I will always opt for a more natural method like sleeping away the pain. I find that the more I depend on a painkiller, the less effective the painkiller gets in the subsequent days. This is especially true for most people because the more you depend on these medications, your body actually develops a tolerance and makes the effect of these medications less effective.
  • Treat with an Ice Pack – An ice pack can effectively numb the pain of a migraine. Try putting a cold gel pack or wrap ice with a clean towel and placing them over the area that hurts and occasionally on your neck. Treating a migraine with a cold pack is definitely one of my favorite practical ways.
  • Sleep the Pain Away – Sleeping off the pain always does the trick. Migraine attacks gets worse when you try to continue with physical work or be in the presence of bright lights and loud noises. The best way possible to sleep away the pain is by withdrawing yourself from such environment and take a nap in a dark and quiet place. Your migraine will be gone by the time you wake up. Well, if you’re at work though, try and find a way where you can have a nap or just isolate yourself in an area where it’s quiet and massage the pain away from your head.
  • Self-Massage Acupressure Points on Yourself –  Migraines typically occur around the head and neck area. The good news is that there are tons of pressure points around your body that directly combats the pain when you massage through. The next time you get a migraine or headache, try massaging hard on these acupressure points:

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