Healthy Livers Combats Hair Loss

Hair loss has been associated with many reasons such as a bad diet, stress and other health disorders. However what most people don’t realize is that the liver also plays a major role as far as healthy hair growth is concerned. The liver is one of the most important organ of the human body because it acts as a detoxification centre. It processes toxins, fats and hormones. When the liver is overloaded with toxins, a lot of problems may occur, including slow or stalled hair growth.

Scientific studies have shown that having healthy livers help grow hair.  The healthier the liver, the higher the potential for hair to grow to its optimum length. Apart from hair growth, an unhealthy liver can cause a whole list of health diseases. The liver is thus, necessary for survival. Most people do not acknowledge the health of their livers until they start getting complications and realize that it is too late.

Some substances that causes damage to the liver over the long run are alcohol, cigarettes, fatty foods and more. While it is impossible to maintain a 100% healthy diet, some of the ways to promote a healthier liver is by giving it a day or two to go through a detoxification regime or to consume supplements that highly supports the liver. Hence, if you’re experiencing hair loss, the first thing to look into is the state of your liver and recognize what is it that you do and consume from your lifestyle that might be causing damage to this important organ.

The ideal way to promote a healthier liver is to keep negative substances at a minimal, eat foods that cleanse the liver and consume supplements which can give your liver a healthy boost. Some foods that cleanse the liver are: garlic, apples, green tea, lemon, turmeric and a whole other list which you can look up for.

When it comes to supplements that promotes a healthy liver and combats hair loss; milk thistle, vitamin B complex, multivitamins and protein powders are a range that you’d wanna incorporate into your daily regime. These supplements will greatly boost your liver and increase protein levels. As hair is essentially a form of protein, it is important to boost up your protein consumption as well.

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