Health The FM Way

The FM way of health is basically simple guides in which you can include in your daily life, all while still having to function at work or school. Previously, I have NEVER been so concerned about the topic of health because hey, I’m only 21, what could I possibly be diagnosed with at such a young age right? Well, I was wrong. Throughout my year as a 21, I came across heartbreaking news after news of friends and other young adults in just their twenties and already diagnosed with major health complications such as cancer. The last time I checked, it never seemed possible enough for younger people to contract such chronic illnesses.

Because of that, I have been exercising more, been more cautious of what I consume and sticking to a detox regime every couple of days. While we will never know our fate, I feel that prevention is better than cure and pledged to do everything I can to prevent any health complications. Personally, I have also gone through a couple of complications such as severe stress and constant migraine attacks which I believe was triggered by piling obligations and very lack of rest. While these may all seem minor, I know for a fact that if I kept at such an unhealthy lifestyle, it could lead to more severe problems. Thankfully, I have adjusted to a better regime and overcame my problems through solutions that work.

With this blog, I hope to relate to similar working adults in a situation where we do not have the luxury of time. However, by understanding the root of our problems and including minor tweaks into our lifestyle, I find that it can improve our health as a WHOLE. In the HEALTH menu of this website, you will find very practical guides which you could consider to overcome certain health issues while still having your own obligations to fulfill.