21 Day Fix Container Sizes and Calorie Calculator

Knowing the 21 Day Fix container sizes is the ultimate recipe to losing weight, while eating to your heart’s content:

Anybody who understand how the containers work, can pretty much get in shape without actually buying the entire program.

This is probably why Beachbody® has kept the dimensions a secret. Lucky for you, we’ve tried out the program and we’ll let you in on the sizes of the 21 Day Fix containers.

The program is based on a portion control diet. If you understand how portion control works, you can bid goodbye to diets that forces you into starvation. The best part about portion control is that you will be sure to take in every type of nutrients – Think protein, carbs, fiber…

Not only does this gets you in shape, but also keeps you healthy! For whatever reason you’ve landed on this page, keep reading, because the concept of 21 Day Fix is all you need to know about eating well while still burning off pounds of fat. 

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21 Day Fix Container Sizes

Image of the 21 Day Fix Cheat Sheet

The kit is made up of 7 containers. They all vary in color and sizes to coordinate with different types of food. The sizes of the 21 Day Fix containers are as follows:

Green Container for Vegetables = 1 cup or 8 ounces

Purple Container for Fruits = 1 cup or 8 oz
Red Container for Proteins = 3/4 cup or 6 oz
Yellow Container for Carbs = 1/2 cup or 4 oz
Blue Container for Healthy Fats = 1/3 cup or 2.5 oz
2 Orange Containers for Seeds and Salad Dressings = 2 tablespoons or 1 oz

Image of 21 day fix container sizes

Where to get the containers?

If you want to get the best weight loss results in 3 weeks, you should get the 21-Day Fix (with containers included) and follow the program to a tee.


Ever since the program became a hit in the fitness industry, many companies have replicated the 21 Day Fix containers. As we later breakdown the concept of portion control, you might find it sufficient to just acquire a set of containers and create a system of your own.

Otherwise, here are some options with identical 21 Day Fix container sizes:

Official Containers from Beachbody®

Image of the 21 Day Fix Containers

This is the original 21 Day Fix containers from Beachbody, which you can find on Amazon. These containers are BPA-free and microwave safe. You can purchase them separately if you think you can manage portion control on your own.

Get The Official Containers from Amazon

Smart Diet Control 7 Piece Containers Set

Smart DIet Control Tupperware IMG

This is the option people love because it’s a lot cheaper:

They match the exact 21 Day Fix container sizes and even includes a free e-book and recipe guide. Given its price point, these are great if you want to plan out your weekly meals and will need to acquire a few set of containers.

Click Here to Read Reviews of The Smart Diet Containers

SmartYOU Doubles Set

SmartYOU Containers IMG

1 is a loner and 2 makes your life better:

By having an extra set, you can always have your meals prepared in advance and ready to go. You won’t have to always wash out 1 set before being able to prepare your meal for the next day. Just put them in a fridge, microwave and you’re ready to go.

Likewise with all the other options, these are high-grade and 100% safe. Also includes a recipe e-book, body tape measure and PDF planner.

Click Here to Check Out The SmartYOU Containers

21 Day Fix Calorie Calculator: How it Works

Cheat Sheet of 21 Day Fix Calorie IntakeIt’s time to put an end to depressing, tracking of daily calories:

With the 21-Day Fix, you only do the calorie counting once and let the containers do the job. It’s a pretty simple formula too! In summary, the official guide book’s formula to finding out your daily calorie intake is:

(Your Weight in Pounds times 11) – 350 = Your Calorie Goal

So if you’re 145 lbs,

(145 x 11) – 350 = 1245 Calories per day

From then on, you just follow the number of each containers to eat as per your calorie goal:

  • 1200-1499 Calories: 3 Greens, 2 Purples, 4 Reds, 2 Yellows, 1 Blue, 1 Orange
  • 1500-1799 Calories: 4 Greens, 3 Purples, 4 Reds, 3 Yellows, 1 Blue, 1 Orange
  • 1800-2099 Calories: 5 Greens, 3 Purples, 5 Reds, 4 Yellows, 1 Blue, 1 Orange
  • 2100-2300 Calories: 6 Greens, 4 Purples, 6 Reds, 4 Yellows, 1 Blue, 1 Orange

Simple right?

The Best Way to Carry Out Portion Control

With so many of such containers needed, you’re probably thinking of how to carry out the diet while being out at work. The best way to counter this problem is by using Chefland’s 10 piece bento box

The 21 Day Fix containers are to be used as a measurement guide to get your food proportions right. Then, put them together into the bento boxes and just like that, you’re done with your weekly meal preparation!

Food Prep IMG

What kind of results can I expect?

The program claims to help you lose 15 pounds in 21 days. While that is pretty challenging for most to meet, the average number that people got out from the program is about 12 lbs of weight loss. That is some pretty amazing results.

It also depends on how hard you workout. Frankly, as the the “Fix” workouts are made to suit everyone, it might not be intense enough to guarantee everyone a 15 lbs loss.

However, you can always crank it up with your own level of workouts or pick something more intense from Beachbody on Demand – such as P90X3, Insanity, Core De Force etc.

To conclude

The 21 Day Fix container sizes is a great way to help you identify food portions. As time goes by, you will probably be able to recognize your meal portions without even using the containers. This makes eating out so much easier! Everyone around you will definitely be astonished at how you’re eating whole and yet keeping in shape.

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