14 Day Rapid Fat Loss by Shaun Hadsall

We’ve all heard the saying before; “Getting in shape is 30% exercise and 70% diet”. This holds true and it seems like majority of people who wants to get in shape, tend to fail not in their workout program but in their diet. Working out is easy. Just Youtube some workouts and you’re good to go.

Dieting on the other hand, requires a basic scientific understanding of how the body works. Ironically also, people who starve themselves finds no success in achieving their desired look, keeping up with food restriction or just get themselves into further health complications such as depression and anorexia.

This is where the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss comes in. The program is based on a method known as carb-cycling. Carb-cycling is a well-known method utilized by bodybuilders, athletes and fitness models. So, right up till this point, we know that this isn’t a hyped up program and we can tell you that it will actually work. The real question here is in your commitment and therefore, read on to know how the program works.

Also, this isn’t your ordinary diet where you will have to eat “clean foods” and starve yourself. You will actually get a couple of days within the week to eat your favorite foods; Pizza, hamburgers…you name it.

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Shaun Hadsall and The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

Voted as “America’s Most Fit Health and Fitness Pro” in 2008, Shaun has spent 20 years in the fitness industry, developing revolutionary fat-loss tactics. Shaun discovered the concept of carb-cycling when he was awarded as the 1st runner up in the world’s largest body transformation contest called, Body-for-LIFE™. Shaun himself previously struggled with extreme dieting methods and seek to educate the world with his 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program to allow people to get in better shape while still having the foods they love.

How Does The Program Work?

Shaun’s explanation above is exactly what the program is all about; Setting the body to the perfect spot where you can eat tasty carbs every week and not get any of it stored away as fats. The program is generally made of 2 types of days:

  • Low Carb Days – These will be days of the week where you will depend less on sugars and get low levels of carbs from fibrous foods like vegetables. This will trigger the fat burning hormones of the body to burn the belly fat first instead of from the muscles.
  • High Carb Days – To refuel the body and meet the body’s basic requirement of carbs, you will be able to re-feed yourself with the tasty carbs that you desire. The low carb days would have prevented your body from storing away carbs as fat and enhance your metabolism.

There will also be a mix of weight lifting and cardio training to go along. In fact, you will be exercising everyday for 14 days straight even though they’re really pretty short sessions. This is where your heart sinks a little if you’re not prepared to be that committed.

Though, you will honestly still see results if you miss 1 or 2 days of working out due to inevitable circumstances…just not your best results. After all, you will need the exercises to accelerate your fat-burning process and put on some nice lean muscle.

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What’s in The Program?

Rapid Fat Loss Strategic Training and Exercise – This is the main part of the program. It shows you exactly how you can cut your exercise time down by 50% and yet triple your fat loss efforts.

7 Rapid Fat Loss Tips and Tricks – These 7 techniques can literally force your body to lose fat in double the regular time span.

Outsmart Your Metabolism with Proprietary Food Macro Planning™ Meal Plans – This is where the money’s at. This is the portion of the program that shows you how you can honestly get rid of the need to ever diet again! Untold secrets like these are the reason why the health industry is banking in billions of dollars. You could say that this portion of the section is worth millions of dollars.

The Four Step Proven Fat Loss Formula – The common problem that people face with dieting is rebound weight gain. This section shows you how to say goodbye to this problem for good.

Scientific Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Enhance your Results – The highlight of this program is really because Shaun will explain to you exactly how the body works dieting-wise. Once you find that things make scientific sense, you won’t ever have to purchase anymore weight-loss programs and get in shape independently.

Who is This Program for?

Anyone. Shaun himself looks like a hybrid of a fitness model and a bodybuilder. More importantly, carb-cycling as we’ve mentioned earlier, is literally utilized by all walks of fitness professionals whether they’re a model, actor, bodybuilder or athlete. In fact, this should be the proper way for anyone to get in shape as it ensures that your body isn’t being deprived of proper nutrients which can lead to harmful health conditions.

Pros of the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

  • The program will allow you to still have whatever you want within the week
  • You won’t have to constantly feel hungry and remain well fed
  • Your body gets the proper nutrition it needs
  • The program makes 100% sense and will be easy to follow

Cons of the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

  • There are no videos included in the program for those of you that needs such a follow-along tool
  • The entire program is only available for online download. For a physical copy, you will have to print them out yourselves
  • Not a quick fix. If you’re not ready to commit all 14 days, you won’t see results no matter what program you’re on

Final Thoughts of the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

There are way too many programs out there that you pay for only to be told that you will have to starve yourself. This program on the other hand, is practical but requires you to take action by exercising all 14 days. But come to think of it, if you’re able to commit and achieve results within 14 short days, you will be independent enough to never buy another program anymore and basically rinse and repeat…and even adjust training days to keep in shape for life.

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